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Like every person, every rifle is unique

We understand that your needs in a rifle are different than the needs of any other customer we have worked with – that's why you can always depend on one-on-one attention and personalized services with every visit.


We'll walk you through all of your rifle options, as well as make specific recommendations to help you find one that you are perfectly comfortable with.

Custom rifle packages

In addition to helping you find the right rifle, we'll help you outfit it to your specifications. From cases to sights, alternate shoulder stocks to finding the right ammunition, you'll leave our shop fully prepared to take on your next hunting trip.

Learn everything you need to know about your new rifle

We're not ones to sell a rifle and send you out into the world blind. Our experts will walk you through everything about your new rifle, from safe operations to proper cleaning and maintenance techniques.

Stop in today and find the perfect rifle for your hunting needs. We carry a wide variety of options to fit all types of personal preferences and shooting styles.

Looking for a specific type of rifle? Give us a call today and speak with our friendly staff.

Need a rifle shipped to you?

We are a Federal Firearms Transfer Agent, and are able to accept shipment for your special order. Give us a call today or stop in to discuss the details with our friendly, helpful staff.

Find the perfect rifle to fit

your personal preferences

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